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Day 5: Friends Who Listen Well

I am extremely thankful for having friends who are good listeners. The last few weeks have been a bit crazy, with more ups and downs than I care to count, and I’ve only managed to work through them- and the entire 25 years of my life- by having people who listen to me. Sometimes I … Continue reading

Day 4- Zoo Sundays

I’m so happy I started volunteering at the zoo. So much of me missed being in an AZA environment, working with animals. There’s even something great about the physical labor of mucking the stalls, carrying water, etc. It’s really nice to get lost in a physical task- and to not feel like a sissy because … Continue reading

30 Days of Thankful Project: Day 3- Good Food

Okay, it’s after midnight. Does it still count? Better than nothing I suppose. This will be brief, since I really want to go to bed, but I don’t want to break the habit. I am thankful for good food. There was an Iron Chef competition today and all of the food was pumpkin and delicious. … Continue reading

30 Days of Thankful Project: Day 2- Technology

It’s day two. Thinking of something I’m thankful shouldn’t be this hard. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of things I’m thankful for, I’m sure I have at least 30. But I don’t want to use all my good emotional ones right at the beginning. I am thankful for technology and communication devices. There are … Continue reading