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30 Days of Thankful Project: Day 2- Technology

It’s day two. Thinking of something I’m thankful shouldn’t be this hard. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of things I’m thankful for, I’m sure I have at least 30. But I don’t want to use all my good emotional ones right at the beginning.

I am thankful for technology and communication devices. There are plenty of days when melodramatic Facebook posts make me want to scream a little and I hate that I feel naked without my phone, but it’s also really nice to be able to be in contact with everyone, especially friends and family back East.

When Hurricane Sandy hit (which, can I ask why we’re so casual with her? When did we get chummy enough with natural disasters that we can call them by nicknames instead of say, Sandra, or something?) I knew my family was safe the entire time, and that was really comforting.

I absolutely, 100% adore handwritten letters, but sometimes when I’m feeling homesick it’s nice to be able to call my mom or skype with a friend. Facebook allows me to keep in touch with literally hundreds of people at a time. I love being able to text when I can’t or don’t want to talk, and it’s nice to have record of some of the silly conversations I’ve had with friends to go back and giggle at.

Technology is allowing you to read this RIGHT NOW! (As Max would say, that’s so meta.)



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